Quarterly Interdisciplinary Journal of
Military Centre of Pharmacy and Medical Technique in Celestynów (Poland) on scientific socio-professional and training issues of Military Pharmacy and Medicine

Vol. VI ∗ No. 3 ∗ 2013

The development of a liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry screening method for the identification of various designer drugs and other substances of abuse
Magdalena Popławska, Agata Błażewicz, Zbigniew Fijałek
The phenomenon of biofilm – conditions of its formation and functioning in an environment
Agnieszka Woźniak-Kosek
Assessment of the nutritional status of women – officers of
the Polish Army and students of the Main School of Fire Service
Anna Kłos, Jerzy Bertrandt
Application of mushroom cultures and isolated enzymes for biodegradation of organic environmental pollutants
Jadwiga Turło, Agnieszka Turło
Treatment of traumatic pain in prehospital conditions
Marcin Cierniak, Marcin Nowakowski,
Elżbieta Balcerzyk-Bardzo, Maria Bartczak,
Wiesława Trendak, Tomasz Gaszyński
Do students of nursing and emergency medical services are ready for action in terms of chemical contamination?
Łukasz Szarpak
Preliminary evaluation of musculoskeletal pain disorders reported by nurses: a randomized survey study
Łukasz Szarpak, Andrzej Kurowski,
Marcin Madziała, Agnieszka Madziała
Managing the human factor in a virological laboratory.
Effective techniques of motivating employees in a team
Agnieszka Woźniak-Kosek, Jakub Szpon
What we know about neonatal resuscitation?
Randomized survey study
Łukasz Szarpakk