Quarterly Interdisciplinary Journal of
Military Centre of Pharmacy and Medical Technique in Celestynów (Poland) on scientific socio-professional and training issues of Military Pharmacy and Medicine

Vol. VI ∗ No. 2 ∗ 2013

Search for the ideal blood substitute – current status
Jadwiga Turło, Agnieszka Turło
Possibilities of retrospective confirmation of being ill
with cutaneous anthrax after being cured with the use
of antibiotics – case study
Agnieszka Woźniak-Kosek, Mariola Mendrycka,
Katarzyna Turek-Fornelska, Jerzy Mierzejewski
Food health quality of genetically modified crops –
review of risks and benefits
Anna Prusak, Małgorzata Schlegel-Zawadzka
Assessment of nutritional norms for magnesium fulfilment by food rations used for Polish soldiers’ alimentation within the space of 30 years
Jerzy Bertrandt, Anna Kłos
New discoveries in prevention sexually transmitted diseases
and their consequences and transformation of a sexual mores in Poland – moral dimension of vaccination
(for example of HPV infection)
Bogumiła Kempińska-Mirosławska, Agnieszka Woźniak-Kosek
Retrospective assessment of treatment cost of patients under the influence of alcohol at Emergency Department at University Hospital no 1 name Norbert Barlicki in 2010
Elżbieta Balcerzyk-Bardzo, Marcin Cierniak,Barbara Michalska, Marcin Nowakowski, Maria Bartczako , Wiesława Trendak, Kułak Cezary, Tomasz Gaszyński
Double gloves using as a prophylaxis element against
blood-borne infections among paramedics personnel
Andrzej Kurowski, Łukasz Szarpak
Knowledge and compliance use of coercive
means in paramedics work
Łukasz Szarpak, Andrzej Kurowski, Thueiba Szlachta
Are we prepared for the newborn resuscitation?
Łukasz Szarpak
Passing on a message about sudden death
Wiesława Trendak, Elżbieta Balcerzyk-Bardzo,
Marcin Nowakowski, Marcin Cierniak, Maria Bartczak,
Tomasz Gaszyński, Sikorski Tomasz