Quarterly Interdisciplinary Journal of
Military Centre of Pharmacy and Medical Technique in Celestynów (Poland) on scientific socio-professional and training issues of Military Pharmacy and Medicine

Military Pharmacy and Medicine is an international, peer-reviewed scientific journal that publish original articles based on own research, as well as review articles and case reports in the field of pharmacy and military medicine, and modern solutions in the field of military and civilian healthcare based on the latest national and international achievements.

Vol. V ∗ No. 4 ∗ 2011

The role of physical activity in the primary and secondary prevention of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases
Antoni Szymański
The cooperation with the units of national rescue system for countering threats in the elimination of the effects of threats
Radosław Ziemba
Attempts to the construction and application of
hybrid artificial organs
Marek Kołodziejczyk, Marek Kozicki,
Janusz Rosiak, Stanisław Bielecki
Equipment and measures of individual and collective protection used in chemical rescue in 1945 – 2000. Part III
Radosław Ziemba
Counterfeit medicinal products, medical devices and dietary supplements – growing safety risks for public health
Zbigniew Fijałek, Katarzyna Sarna, Agata Błażewicz,
Jan Maurin, Piotr Baran, Karolina Wacławek
For the 10th anniversary of anthrax attacks
Jerzy Mierzejewski, Juliusz Reiss, Agnieszka Woźniak–Kosek
First aid, antidotes, treatment and the description of physico-chemical properties of toxic industrial substances on the example of ammonia, chlorine and hydrogen chloridey
Radosław Ziemba
The types of terrorist attacks and possible ways
to prevent them
Tomasz Bąk
Decontamination of victims in emergency departments
Łukasz Szarpak
Pharmaceutical and medical help for Polish self-defence
centres in Volhynia in 1943-1944
Zdzisław Jezierski
The establishment and functioning of a environmental
pollution monitoring system
Radosław Ziemba
POSTHUMOROUS TRIBUTE to Col. Henryk Lesiewicz
Eugeniusz Miękoś