Quarterly Interdisciplinary Journal of
Military Centre of Pharmacy and Medical Technique in Celestynów (Poland) on scientific socio-professional and training issues of Military Pharmacy and Medicine

Military Pharmacy and Medicine is an international, peer-reviewed scientific journal that publish original articles based on own research, as well as review articles and case reports in the field of pharmacy and military medicine, and modern solutions in the field of military and civilian healthcare based on the latest national and international achievements.

Vol. V ∗ No. 2 ∗ 2011

Rabies vaccine administered to soldiers of the Polish Army leaving for foreign missions
Radosław Ziemba
The internal structure of binary liquid mixtures DMSO + water
Cezary M. Kinart
The application of Individual Prophylactic and Therapeutic Kit
by soldiers of the Polish military contingents
Radosław Ziemba
Biosynthesis and characteristics of anti-inflammatory
proresolving derivatives of omega-3 and omega-6
polyunsaturated fatty acids
Jerzy Z. Nowak
Strategies of dealing with stress among medical
rescue workers
Wiesława Trendak, Karina Zielińska, Jarosław Hołyński
Rules for the use of collective protection measures against BST contamination in accordance with NATO normative documents
Radosław Ziemba
Plasma- derived products – manufacturing conditions;
product release
Krzysztof Łysakowski
Acute radiation syndrome
Radosław Ziemba
Treatment of status asthmaticus in Emergency Medical
Systems practice
Łukasz Szarpak
Healthcare during crisis situations
Jerzy Gzik